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Biomedical Innovation Unit

The Biomedical Innovation Unit (BIU) is a vehicle to promote biomedical innovation at the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus. The goal of establishing the BIU is to help identify on-going research activities with commercial potential, as well as to support and assist with the protection and commercialization of new and already patented innovations on the Campus.

To achieve these goals we have identified the following objectives:

Objective 1

Promote awareness among all faculty, technical staff and students of the value of innovative biomedical advances that can only benefit the public if they are developed in partnership with the commercial sector.

Objective 2

Develop relationships with individuals and entities from the private sector, including technology-based businesses and investors both large and small, to increase awareness of the research programs of the campus and foster an exchange of ideas about innovation between faculty and representatives from private enterprise. 

Objective 3

Facilitate access to the resources needed to translate research discoveries into products and/or services that can impact the health and quality of life of our people.